Real Estate Firm's Open House Approach Creates 50% Increase in Sales [Client Success]

December 8, 2016 Cox Media


Village Properties is a full-service California real estate firm, which has been representing buyers and sellers in the area for more than 20 years. The firm is expert in the intricacies of real estate law, local codes and regulations, financing, and, most importantly, the sound analysis and pricing of local real estate.


In 2010, a drastically changing real estate market and a fracturing relationship with its creative agency caused Village Properties to drastically reduce its media buying. As a result, the company was in need of a cost-effective advertising solution that would effectively communicate its value proposition to both sellers and buyers, while giving its agents a more efficient avenue to better publicize the properties they represented. In addition, after eventually parting ways with its creative agency, the firm needed the help of a full-service creative team to help realize its vision.


Village Properties enlisted the help of a Cox Media consultant to better understand its needs. The result was a multi-product advertising solution that included a targeted 30-second ad campaign and the reinvention of the firm's long-form real estate showcase, as well as online advertising on and the Cox Digital Ad Network. The firm also made the decision to use Cox Media for all its creative production needs, making Cox, in effect, its new creative agency.

While Village Properties worked with its Cox consultant to craft the most effective ad schedule, the top-notch Cox creative team went to work producing a series of 30-second spots that targeted both buyers and sellers in the Santa Barbara area, as well as highlighting the firm's many community involvements. The creative team also began reimagining and revamping the firm's long-form ad content, reducing its 60-minute home tour show to 30 minutes, as well as breaking the final product into one-minute individual segments. These segments were then uploaded to an exclusive Express Link channel that targeted specific geographic areas for easier navigation. Village Properties' new Express Link channel was mentioned in all its 30-second ads and online ads, as well as on all of the firm's other print and online advertising to drive even greater viewership.

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