Restaurants: Serve Up the Perfect Marketing Mix to Attract Local Restaurant Customers

February 6, 2017

Local Restaurant Advertising

You are in the Restaurant business. Whether you are a fast food, fast casual, fine dining or casual dining service style, the question you and your competitors are constantly facing is - “How do I get more new and return business for my restaurant right now?” And like many of your competitors, you may find yourself deciding upon a sea of advertising vehicles for the restaurant industry, many of those vehicles new to you.

Perhaps you currently advertise the ways you see your competitors do on TV, radio, billboards, even checking out their online reviews. But did you realize there are things they are doing that you cannot see? 

This is why Cox Media brings you the “Advertise Smarter in 2017” graphic for Restaurants (see below). It’s designed to help you understand how different customers may find you today, with a few ideas to help get you started. Take a moment and scroll through – everything you see below is meant for even the smallest of local restaurants looking to get their kitchens filled with orders (today!).


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