Dr. Feffer Success [Client Success]

December 1, 2016


Dr. Feffer is a high-profile dentist in San Diego, California who has practiced general and cosmetic dentistry in the area since 1976.  Dr. Feffer operates a state of the art dental office that focuses primarily on creating top quality dentures at half the price, while at the same time providing patients with exceptional care.  


Dr. Feffer’s goal was to expand his practice and become the number one dentist in town.  In order to do this he needed to overcome his top challenge – many patients are not willing to travel to see a dentist.  He hoped to overcome this challenge by creating a niche for his business that would be worth traveling to. When someone called his office ten years ago suggesting he put in a denture lab, Dr. Feffer jumped at the opportunity as this lab could be the niche he was seeking.  He could offer premium savings with his lab, and that would be what he needed to bring in new and existing patients.  


Dr. Feffer connected with a longtime friend Steve Lees, who ran a local agency, Suncoast Marketing, and told him that he had a niche for his business and wanted to educate the market. Mr. Lees, already connected with Cox Media, knew that Dr. Feffer needed to showcase his business on cable television. Mr. Lees and Dr. Feffer worked with Cox Media to create a targeted campaign that offered a lot of “bang for the buck.”  They decided that strategically creating frequency with commercials on a mix of popular cable networks in addition to a handful of niche networks was going to be the key to the success and to reach their desired target audience. 
During the last ten years, Dr. Feffer has worked with Cox Media on a variety of campaigns and most recently a digital campaign that included display ads and interactive in banner video.  Dr. Feffer’s TV commercials concentrate largely on dentures but a large number of new patients seeing the commercials began to make appointments for additional dental needs. 
Dr. Feffer and Mr. Lees understand the importance of a multi–product approach and see great value in the partnership with Cox Media.


From the start of the campaign, Dr. Feffer noticed significant results.  In one year, the practice was “bursting at the seams” with new patients, and thus forced Dr. Feffer to move to a larger office.  The goal was five new patients per week, but Dr. Feffer was already reaching upwards of twenty-five! 
Within four years, revenue quadrupled and the practice grew from three to fifteen employees.  Thanks to the multi-product campaign, Dr. Feffer has become the number one dentist in San Diego offering low cost dentures.  

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