2018 Local Business Trends: Advertising Goes Back to the Future

February 15, 2018 Dan Glicksman

2018 Local Business Trends

Advertising Goes Back to the Future

Advertising is a lot more complicated than it was when “Back to the Future” first hit theaters. Your customers’ behaviors and preferences have changed, and you’re forced to navigate a competitive landscape dominated by large multinational brands.

You may feel life was much easier “back in the day,” but we’re here to tell you that local businesses actually have more opportunities to stand out from the competition than ever before.

Consider us your personal Doc Brown: click the image above and climb inside the DeLorean. We’re going to explore how advertising is going back to the future with four key trends.o e

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Dan Glicksman

Dan Glicksman is Sr. Manager of Lead and Demand Generation for Cox Media where he is responsible for helping develop and execute strategies that drive sales qualified B2B leads to all of its local markets across the US. An ambidextrous ambivert and self-described skeptical optimist, Dan relishes the fact that he, as a generation X'er, has outscored every millennial colleague on various “How Millennial Are You” type tests.

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