7 Days to Building a Stronger Brand: Day 7

June 4, 2015 Merrie Beth Salazar

Be patient.

Summer is “high tide” for your business, so you’ll see great results from your marketing at this time. As your busy season draws to a close, don’t let your marketing slow down. Keep it in high gear; just shift to a different message. 

Watch this short video to learn more: Be Patient

Your homework: Decide how you’ll adjust your fall and winter marketing messages to tell a different story about your brand, emphasize different aspects of your business and build lasting customer relationships. By doing so, you can lay the groundwork for a great year ahead. 

And that's it!  If you've completed all seven days of our brand-building challenge, you have a robust foundation for your marketing plan this summer and beyond.  

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Merrie Beth Salazar

Merrie Beth Salazar is a marketing professional experienced in leading teams and projects to measurable success. With a background in research and storytelling, she looks for the untold insights behind marketing campaigns and brings them to life.

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