7 Days to Building a Stronger Brand This Summer and Beyond

May 26, 2015 Merrie Beth Salazar

With Memorial Day behind us, the official kickoff of summer is here. If your business relies on summer customers, you’re getting ready for your busy sales season and looking forward to the rush. But have you done everything you can to market your business so that summer customers think of your brand first? 

If you’re thinking, “It’s too late to brand my business this summer. I’m just going to be satisfied with what I’ve done,” think again. It’s never too late to put your business front and center in prospective customers’ minds — and get them to think of your business when planning their summer vacations, cookouts, home or garden improvement projects, summer wardrobes and outdoor adventures. The secret is branding. 

More than just marketing or advertising, branding is the process of developing, promoting and protecting an identity that makes your business unique. Strong branding positions your business as the one that comes to mind first when your target customers are in the market for the type of product or service you sell. It also enhances customer loyalty, generates referrals from satisfied customers and helps ensure you beat the competition. 

In short, branding is a powerful tool for the success of your business. The good news: You don’t need a big name or big national advertising budget to build your brand. Even the smallest business can create a strong brand in customers’ and prospects’ minds. How? 

In our upcoming 7-part blog series, 7 Days to Building a Stronger Brand, we’ll take you step by step through the 7 essential steps of creating a strong business brand. 

We’ll share 7 simple things you can do in the next 7 days to boost your brand, drive sales and make this your business’s best summer ever. By the end of the series, your marketing muscle will be powered up, and your business will be ready to roar!


Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 1 of our series, “7 Days to Building a Stronger Brand.” Ready to get a head start on building your brand? Download our free e-book, 7 Keys to Building Your Brand.

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Merrie Beth Salazar

Merrie Beth Salazar is a marketing professional experienced in leading teams and projects to measurable success. With a background in research and storytelling, she looks for the untold insights behind marketing campaigns and brings them to life.

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