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From the recent rediscovery of YouTube to the three M's of modern marketing, here is a quick round-up of the best marketing, advertising and local business related content you may have missed this week:


1. How Marketers Can Cut Through the Holiday Inbox Clutter (MarketingDIVE)

We support strategizing  your holiday marketing as early as possible (if you haven't started, click here for some help), but you still have time to make adjustments. We suggest taking this article's recommendations into consideration -  emails are a strong method of communication from brands to consumers, but use these tips to make sure your brand's messages can cut through the holiday clutter.


2. How to Teach Yourself SEO in 30 Days (Hubspot)

Understanding the complicated world of search engine optimization (SEO) is no easy feat, but if your business is doing any kind of online marketing a basic understanding of how this works can help your business succeed. This post breaks it down into simple sections with lists and videos - learn more here


3. Top Brands Rediscovering YouTube: New Research (Social Media Examiner)

research on brands and youtube

Recently, many of our weekly round-ups have featured an article about the importance of using videos to brand your business or promote your products and services. Fueled by the usage of mobile devices (see item five on this week's list), YouTube has seen a sudden surge of interest. Check out these recent findings to see how this applies to your business. 


4. 5 Easy Steps to Define and Use Your Brand Voice (Content Marketing Institute)


Think about how you'd answer this question (from this post): If your logo didn't appear with your content, could your audience identify that the content is coming from your brand? Using a well-defined brand voice can help your business maintain consistency on all channels. Get started with these five steps from Content Marketing Institute.  


5.  Amending Your Marketing Strategy to More Effectively Reach a Changing America (Entrepreneur)

Amending Your Marketing Strategy to More Effectively Reach a Changing America

Do you know the three M's of modern marketing? Find out here! This article takes a deeper dive into how to adjust your marketing strategy to effectively reach your target audience in a changing America. 

BONUS: Holiday Shoppers Head to Store, Phones in Hand (how the increase in mobile device usage is affecting holiday sales)



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