Top 5 Must-Reads: Weekly Round-Up - 4.22.2016

April 22, 2016 Sara Velordi

We find it, so you don't have to.

From building trust with your customers to seeing how they use their smartphones on a daily basis, here is a quick round-up of the best marketing, advertising, social media and local business-related content you may have missed this week:


1. Using Email to Drive That All-Important Second Purchase (MediaPost - Email Insider)

Getting a customer to make a second purchase with your business is often one of the most common challenges you may face. This post highlights how to capture customer behavior and leverage it to your brand's advantage through email marketing.


2. We're Seeing the Evolution of TV, Not Its Decline (AdAge Blog)

TV is forever changing, but it is certainly not in decline. In fact, TV is simply pivoting to something that is becoming increasingly personal  - people want to watch what they want, when and how they want. How does advertising tie into this? Learn more here


3. 8 Social Tools to Listen and Interact with Customers (Social Media Examiner)

One of the primary functions of social media is its ability to provide a two-way channel of communication. When you are constantly pushing out content on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, but not taking time to listen and interact with your online consumers, you are missing out on a key opportunity for positive engagement. The social customer experience has evolved - learn more here.

BONUS: Want to clear out some of the clutter on your social media accounts? Streamline your platforms with this advice from Small Business Trends.


4. Top Tips for Building Trust with Customers  (Small Biz Trends)


It's a simple equation - if consumers trust your brand, the next time they are in the market for your products or services, they will come to you first. This post outlines some top tips for establishing this trust with consumers, and how implementing these tactics can make a huge difference for your business in the long run.


5. A Day in the Life of a Smartphone User (Cox Media Quick Reads)

Can you imagine life without your mobile phone? Your customers can't either. This interactive infographic tells you everything you need to know about how and when consumers are using their smartphones - and how your business can leverage the power of this device for mobile marketing and advertising.


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