Top 5 Must-Reads: Weekly Round-Up - 4.24.15

April 24, 2015 Sara Velordi
We find it, so you don't have to.

Social media, online advertising, procrastinating and more - here is a quick round-up of the best marketing and advertising content you may have missed this week:


1. 8 Online Advertising Do's and Don'ts (Soft Press Blog)

Increase web traffic by getting your online advertising just right

The ever-changing world of advertising can be tricky to navigate. From aligning with social media to making compelling calls to action, this post from the Soft Press blog highlights a few easy ways to decipher right from wrong.

Bonus: Find 10 more quick tips on how to find your way through the advertising landscape here.


2. The Ultimate Landing Page Cheat Sheet (Instapage)

cheat sheet

What is a landing page? Why do you need them for your business? This infographic from Instapage answers all of your questions about this vital resource that can be used for lead generation, clickthroughs, getting signups and more.


3. How to Procrastinate Your Way to Success (Social Media Examiner)


Procrastination and success don't often go together. In this interview, Rory Vaden explores how busy marketers and business owners can actually get ahead by procrastinating. Listen now (not later!)


4. 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Display Advertising Campaign (Be In The Know Blog)

Successful display advertising campaign

By now, the importance of incorporating online advertising into your strategy is widely understood. But what separates the ads that are highly engaging from those that users scroll right past? Find out here.


5. 9 New Facebook Features That Will Improve Your Facebook Marketing (Hootsuite)

Facebook's algorithms are constantly evolving, deciding what will (and what will not) show up organically in your customers' news feeds. This post from Hootsuite highlights new, advanced Facebook advertising features to incorporate into your social media marketing strategy.


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