Top 5 Must-Reads: Weekly Round-Up - 6.19.15

June 18, 2015 Sara Velordi
We find it, so you don't have to.

From building a powerful brand to crafting content for the next generation, here is a quick round-up of the best marketing, advertising and small business related content you may have missed this week:  


1. Dear Diary: The Future of Local TV Audience Measurement in Smaller Markets (Cox Media Blog)

Rentrak's TV ratings service has made significant progress among local buyers and sellers in current markets that are served only with Nielsen diaries. In this post, meet Mabel the Marketer and take a closer look at five reasons why Rentrak may be the right track for these  Nielsen diary markets. 

Bonus: If you enjoy fables as much as we do at Cox Media, be sure to check out our "Tale of Two Businesses" here.


2. The 5 P's for Building a Powerful Brand (Hubspot Agency Blog)


Building a strong brand can be a powerful tool for the success of your business. This slideshare from Hubspot's agency blog defines the "new" 5 P's of marketing you need to know. 


3. 8-Second Marketing: How to Craft Content Strategies for Generation Z (Mashable)


Who can't sit still, makes up about a quarter of the United States population, and possesses $44 billion a year in disposable income? Generation Z. In this post, find out more about what makes this generation different from millennials and how to capture their attention in eight seconds or less.


4. Stop Guessing: Here's a Social Media Strategy That Works (QuickSprout)

social media

It's no secret - navigating the waters of social media can often feel like a game of trial and error. Before diving in, make sure your strategy is a strong one with these tips from Neil Patel.


5. Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Sizes (Social Media Examiner)

ultimate guide to social media image sizes

Photos and videos on social media increase engagement exponentially. Use this guide to avoid fuzzy-looking or cut-off images and ensure your photos maintain their proportion and clarity on each social channel including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


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