When it comes to advertising and growing a client base, most attorney offices are “situational” services: their clients don’t need an attorney until, all of a sudden, they do—and that need is often an urgent one.

For that reason, many attorney offices are heavily reliant on branding so that their business is top-of-mind when potential clients have a need for attorney services. But when attorney offices advertise on TV and other digital channels, they may also be looking to drive instant referrals for prospects who have a need for legal services, but haven’t considered or been aware of that office in the past.

One local attorney office reached out to Cox Media seeking help in not only building its brand, but also leveraging digital advertising to connect with potential clients at the right time—all while improving the cost-effectiveness of its ad strategy.

The Goal

When the attorney office first contacted Cox Media, the business was eager to optimize its use of TV advertising to increase total client leads while lowering its cost-per-lead. The company’s existing TV advertising strategy had driven mixed results for the business, and its lack of certainty on how to develop and refine an ad strategy had limited the company’s ability to build its brand and client base through its TV ads.

The client was interested in tracking both its overall increase in website visits and the percentage of website visits received immediately during or after an ad campaign aired on local TV. Additionally, the client had made clear it wanted to see certain results from a preliminary campaign before committing even more of its strategy and resources to the advertising plan laid out by Cox Media.

In the long run, the client was seeking data-driven advertising insights that would help it achieve even greater efficiencies and optimizations over time.

The Solution

After identifying the clients’ goals and budget considerations, Cox Media implemented a TV advertising strategy that chose select advertising windows connected to specific TV channels, TV shows, and times and days of the week. Cox Media also accounted for different cable and digital delivery options, including packaged ad inventories consisting of Cox cable and/or DirecTV ad space.

As part of this strategy development, Cox Media looked at past TV ad campaign performance and used that historical data to identify TV ad slots to continue using, ad spaces to remove, and discontinued ad inventories that offered promise for the company’s new advertising strategy.

The Results

After launching a TV ad campaign over the second quarter of 2021, Cox Media delivered the following results for the attorney office:

  • A 15.59 percent overall increase in website visits;
  • An 8.29 percent increase in immediate website visits;
  • A total of 272 visitors to the clients’ website;
  • A net increase in impressions despite a decrease in total advertising spots;
  • A lower cost-per-lead across the company’s TV-attributed client leads.

On the heels of this success, the client accepted a number of recommendations made by Cox Media with the goal of pushing ad campaign performance even higher in the months to come. These recommendations included:

  • Creating multiple types of messaging and other creative elements to A/B test alternatives and identify the highest-performing assets;
  • Shifting advertising dollars to high-performing ad inventories across Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and the SyFy channel, while reducing the geographical coverage area where those ads are delivered;
  • Targeting ad dollars to new ad inventories via premium programming options;
  • Adjusting ad inventory targeting to broaden the reach of the company’s ad campaigns.

After waiting to make sure its advertising partner could deliver on business outcomes and ROI, the local attorney office was eager to increase its advertising investments and its trust in Cox Media’s industry expertise. As a result, the company is reaping the benefits of improved short-term performance and the potential for sustained long-term growth.

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