The Right Marketing Mix to Attract and Generate More Online Conversions

December 14, 2017

Advertising for Online-Based Businesses

You may have an incredible app to make people’s lives more productive, a new online business model disruptive to the conventional ways of thought, or a fun online game people could spend hours on – but unless you are standing out from countless others in your space doing similar things, chances are someone else is going to outgrow you. With so much competition, how do you as an online or app-based business win out?

This question is one reason why Cox Media brings you the “Advertise Smarter” graphic for online or app-based businesses. It’s designed to help you understand how others have turned to traditional media to kick start their businesses with a few ideas that you can use right now. You may not be the size of Uber,, Clash of Clans, Amazon at the moment – but if you aspire to be, your first steps are just below.

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