Go for the Gold with Your Marketing Mix

September 22, 2017

Advertising for Local Jewelry Stores

You run a local jewelry business, and likely one of the top questions on your mind might be - "How do I get more foot traffic into my store with so much competition from national sellers who have far more resources than I?" When it comes to answering that question, if you feel overwhelmed by the many advertising choices available to you as a local business and confused about which ones are really the best for a local jewelry store, you aren't alone.

This is why Cox Media brings you the “Advertise Smarter in 2017” graphic for local jewelry stores (see below.) It’s designed to help you understand how different customers may find you today, with a few "sparkling" ideas to help get you started. Take a moment and scroll through – everything you see below is meant for even the smallest of local jewelers looking to get more business (today!).


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Local Jeweler Sees Large Increase in Sales

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