Legal Services: First Chair Advertising Strategies

September 9, 2017

Local Advertising for Attorneys and Legal Services

More local law firms than ever are likely competing for the same number of clients. That being said, staying educated on different and evolving advertising strategies is a must – and potentially a constant time-intensive challenge. What’s the best way for you to stay on top of advertising choices that allow you to educate prospective clients at the moment they have things at stake like money, their reputation or their freedom while also maximizing your billable time with your current clients?

It’s for this reason Cox Media brings you  “Advertise Smarter in 2017” – a quick-read graphic for local legal practices (see below). It’s designed to help you understand how different clients may find you today, but also gives insight as to how your competitors may reach potential clients while they are in your waiting room or on your webpage. Take a moment and scroll through – everything you see below is meant for any local legal practice looking to attract more clients (today!). 


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