Cancer Center Exceeds Nurse Recruitment Application Goal

September 24, 2018

Client Success: Recruitment Advertising for Specialty Healthcare Facility

A local cancer center wanted to generate 10 applications for a Nursing Open House. The client also sought after the expertise of Cox Creative Studios to design a unique set of display ads to entice potential nurses to attend.

Our creative team generated a set of display ads that would be served online and encompassed the client’s assets.

The campaign targeted nurses in specific zip codes, and clinics, hospitals, research centers, and various other healthcare institutions were geo-targeted to reach current nurses. Users who used keywords regarding nursing job opportunities were also served display banners.

Utilizing the combination of tactics has proven to be successful for the cancer center, as they stated, “we received over 30 applications”. Within the first few days of the campaign, the client saw an immediate influx of applicants, eventually tripling their goal.

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