Golf Course Advertising: How to Hit a "Hole in 1" with Your Strategy

Golf Course Advertising: How to Hit a "Hole in 1" with Your Strategy

Lure Local Links Lovers with These Creative Sports Advertising Ideas

On the heels of a historic Masters Tournament, we'd be willing to bet golfers and golf fans are more excited about the sport than ever before. And now, local golf course advertising can be more fun than every before, thanks to all the creative ways to reach the golf lovers in your area.

These days, it's not your grandfather's golf course advertising ideas anymore. PGA golf professionalJimmy Wright says, "Thanks to the internet, there are now more free, cheap and interesting advertising options for golf courses."

He's right -- and that's not even the whole story. Here are a few ways to help get you thinking about golf course advertising – and even sports advertising ideas, more broadly.

Golf-related events

No matter where your community is, we'll bet there's a series of golf events every year that draw participants and observers, alike. In some locations, that might even mean a professional tournament. But for most, a local pro-am, charity event, collegiate or school tournament will do just as well for you – maybe even better.

You can host some of these, and should consider all the advertising and marketing tangents that can bear fruit from doing so. Chances are on par that a local charity would love to partner with you in a way that would benefit you both.

At any event, there are advertising solutions that can help you target customers while they're actually there, using digital ads. And, maybe even more importantly, these same solutions can reach them after they're home from the event.

If you're short of already-established events, then create your own. Look at the calendar for local holidays, rope in some local celebrities -- heck, consider a "Caddyshack"-style '80s celebration to create some excitement. With golf so baked into our culture, the options are endless. Give free lessons, free balls, free promotional goods -- because everybody likes to get free stuff, even golfers.

Know your goals

Who are you trying to reach? What type of golfer -- by demographic, income level, gender, skill level, etc.? What competition exists locally -- and what are they doing to appeal to your same target audience? How does all this fit in with your overall revenue and budgeting projections?

You could sponsor a contest and present a big grand prize to the participant who comes closest to a hole-in-one. You could increase family participation with lessons for children, or a juniors shoot-out. Or promote your clubhouse renovations with an open house BBQ.

Other golf-related locations

If you run a golf course, you know where your players are spending their golf-related time and money when they're not at your club. Take time to identify the sporting good stores, pro shops, driving ranges, bars, restaurants and other businesses they frequent.

From there, partners like Cox Media can build targeted, online advertising and marketing components with those merchants – and we can learn from them potential new customers, golfers and club members for your business.

Golfing is such a synergistic community of participants, fans and observers. The mix of geo-targeting, online ads, and TV match that with perfect synergy.

Remember the old standby

In today's digital, mobile world, it would be a mistake to bypass television. While golfers and fans can stay plugged in 24/7 wherever they go, it's still true that most of them rely on TV to watch the action – and follow sports advertising ideas that appeal to them.

From the broadcast networks to The Golf Channel and ESPN – plus local affiliates and cable options – partners like Cox Media have more channels than ever to consider when crafting your golf course advertising strategy.

Why you need an advertising plan

The golfing industry accounts for $84 billion annually in the United States, Forbes reported earlier this year. That includes almost 2 million jobs, and spills into the travel and home-construction industries.

You know better than anyone that golfers tend to have time and money to spend on their hobby -- and other diversions. They appreciate being kept in the loop about your plans, services and goods -- in short, they want to see your golf course advertising ideas come to life for them with consistent, clear messaging. They tend to be tech-savvy, and playing involves plenty of time for socializing and sharing information.

They might be at a special event. They might be at a certain retail outlet. They might be watching Tiger Woods on their big-screen TV.

The key is to reach this highly engaged audience with creative ideas that help them see why they need to be golfing with you.

Don't assume that all the golfers in your area know about your course, your pros, your pricing and your approach. You want to make sure they know - -and you want to be sure you pop up in online and mobile searches for visitors. That means developing an advertising strategy that reaches them where they already are, consistently and clearly.

Online advertising, social media, SEO and more digital components must be built into these plans. That's the value a partner like Cox Media can bring -- leaving you the time and talent to focus on nailing the best drive off the tee and sinking every putt. Contact us today and learn how to get started.


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