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August 10, 2015 Steve Voith
3 of the coolest HVAC marketing strategies for this summer.

The evolution of the connected consumer affects how your HVAC business engages with consumers. Understanding this evolution is vital to your marketing success, so we’ve provided the articles below to ensure you stay ahead of your competition. 

3 Smart Ways to Market Your HVAC Business on Facebook 
It’s easy to create a Facebook page for your business, but engaging your audience with the right content takes more thought. Discover three simple ways to promote your HVAC business on Facebook and keep “friends” of your business coming back for more. 

The Best HVAC Marketing Strategies in 2015 
Technology has changed how consumers discover and purchase products and services. The HVAC industry is no exception. Enhance your marketing strategy with these three best practices to reach tech-savvy HVAC consumers. 

Building Your HVAC Business: 4 Ways to Appeal to Millennials 
Millennials will soon become the largest customer base for HVAC businesses. This article offers insights on how your HVAC business can communicate with authenticity and efficiency—the key to earning millennial customer loyalty.

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Ready for more marketing tips? Click here to find more ways to grow your business. 

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Steve Voith

Steve Voith is a Marketing Manager at Cox Media with a focus on Lead & Demand Generation. With a background in both marketing and sales, Steve has a unique perspective on the challenges facing today's business owners and the best ways for them to reach always-connected consumers.

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