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From creative community outreach opportunities to holiday social media marketing, here is a quick round-up of the best marketing, advertising and local business-related content you may have missed this week:


1.  'Tis the Season to Get Social (Cox Media Blog)


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Holiday shopping season starts now - is your social media marketing strategy ready? Take a look at these six tips to capture your customers' (and potential customers') attention.


2. How Mobile Millennials Buy: Banking 74%, App Purchases 53%, Music 51%, Retail 44%(MediaPost MobileShopTalk)

Millennials have developed a reputation of being a generation completely attached to technology (smartphones in particular). And - we know they are using mobile more and more to complete purchases. But what are they buying? From where? Find out more here.


3. 5 Snapchat Hacks for Small Businesses (SmartBrief)

Snapchat - one of the more recent social media platforms - may not be right for all brands, but as more and more businesses test the waters, it seems there are a few compelling reasons why this channel could be successful for your small business. Learn more here.


4. How to Brand Your Business on a Budget: A 6-Step Guide (HubSpot Marketing Blog


Like it mentions in this post, the term "branding" can seem too expansive (and too expensive) for many local businesses. However, you can build a successful brand without breaking the bank, too. Learn more here.


5. 4 Community Outreach Ideas for Small Businesses (Small Business Trends

4 Community Outreach ideas for Small Businesses

As a local business, being successful in your community means building trust with local consumers. This can be an easy win through community outreach projects - learn more about how to get started here.


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